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Chips, Twix et Mix

Et sans doute encore bien d'autres...

Chips, Twix et Mix

Un mix, ça faisait longtemps.

2 years (and a little bit more)

Here we are, on the July, 18th, my blog blew its second candle.

I totally forgot this date, my bad. What an idea to start a blog in the middle of July?

And I didn't publish any real post for 1 month! Shame on me. Be reassured, I'll be back.

As I came back in France last week, I'm starting to get out of my habits. Some post ideas cames out, some developments are in progress, some JO to follow...

Anyway, all of that to tell that I'll start again to write more often like before in the next weeks.

To wait, I'd like to know you better. You, who read my blog by RSS (or other). It could be nice if you could let a small comment on this post to say Hi and tell who you are. Write what you want how you want.

Feedburner says 9 persons read the english RSS. Minus 1 for me (ever a good idea to test his own feed...). It's remaining 8. 8 comments ?

Ready? Let's go!

2 ans (et quelques)

Voilà, comme ça, le 18 juillet dernier, mon blog a soufflé sa deuxième bougie.

J'avoue avoir totalement oublié cette date. Quelle idée de commencer un blog en plein milieu du mois de juillet aussi ?

Et je n'ai pas publié de réels billets depuis 1 mois ! Honte à moi. Rassurez-vous, je vais m'y remettre.

Comme je suis revenu en France depuis une semaine, je commence à reprendre mes habitudes. Des idées de billets arrivent aussi, des développements en cours, des JO à suivre...

Bref, tout ça pour vous dire que je devrai reprendre un rythme d'écriture à peu près normal dans les semaines qui viennent.

En attendant, j'aimerais un peu plus vous connaître, vous, lecteurs qui suivent mon blog par RSS (ou autre). Ce serait donc sympa si vous pouviez laissez un petit commentaire sur ce billet pour vous présenter. Dites ce que vous voulez, comme vous voulez.

Feedburner indique 83 personnes inscrites au RSS français. On enlève 1 pour moi (toujours bien de tester ces propres flux...). Il en reste donc 82. 82 commentaires ?

A vos marques, prêts, feu, partez !

Internship Finished

That's it, my internship is over since last Friday.

Almost one year by Fluidesign to program, develop, integrate, learn.

I really progressed in JavaScript and Ajax Ajax with jQuery that I can't leave anymore. I also learnt many about HTML/CSS integration, thanks to PJ to whom I always asked his mind.

Anyway, it was one year of happiness with fabulous people. The last weeks looked like holidays for everybody (too bad, they're going to work on Monday...).

To not forget all the website I worked in, here is an alphabetical listing of them with a tweak description of what I've done.

You could think it's not a lot for one year. But as I said, It's Hospilaty took me a lot of time because it's really huge.

One more time, I'd like to thanks all the Fluidesign team who was really great during all my internship.

Now I still have 3 weeks in USA. A friend is coming on Monday and we'll travel for a roadtrip which will unforgettable. (Yes you probably got it, you'll probably have more posts with a lot of text and photos...)

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