2 months day for day after the first release of plugin nyroModal, it's time to make a first overview.

Let's start with some numbers:

  • Visits: 28 800
  • Unique Visitors: 23 660
  • Pages viewed: 26 039
  • 11 Releases (the 1.2.7 just came out)
  • 2 859 download (and more made directly in the jQuery plugin page where there is no stats available)

The problem with this kind of script, you never know where it's used. I can't make a long list here.

And maybe elsewhere that I didn't hear about... If you're using it (or saw it somewhere), don't hesitate to write a quick comment here.

This is the first open-source script I did. And the experience is great, regarding the numbers shown aboce, and the quotes below. More than 2000 visits the second day after the first release. I didn't thought it could be so much in this time. Then the numbers calmed down to around 300 daily visits (less during the weekend).

I had a proposal from the New-York Times to integrate my script in a future website. But I didn't get any news...

If you still hesitate between open-source or keep it for you, especially for a javascript code, don't hesitate! If this script is good, you'll have some return for sure. Event if it's not directly in money or contract, you'll gain recognition from others developers, but more important, Experience! You'll learn that you have to make many tests (and maybe more...) before every releases, and retest everything everytime in every browser.

What the people said:


Nice job, trying it on a site and so far works great.


I dig your scripts - I like this clean & correct code ;) Great work! Thanks for your nice work. Best wishes!


Oui félicitations ce plugin m'a l'air très bien, bonne doc, ça fait en plus plaisir de voir des français à l'oeuvre! Bonne continuation.


At this point i must congratulate and thank you for what i'd call the best modal plug-in for jquery EVER!!

C. Spenser Beggs (New-York Times):

I have been looking for an elegant modal box script and think that nyroModal is one of the best I have seen.


Thank you, and keep creating great scripts. Your contributions keep us newbies inspired.

A guy after reporting a bug:

Great! And thank you for a great plugin - it's been a real time saver! :)

Finally, the websites which linked:

And many others... The page was also bookmarked a lot, especially in delicious. The page went in the homepage for a few hours:

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