For some reason, I have access to the google map beta version at

The first , I just thought: "Well, that's cool, they refreshed a little bit google map by removing the ugly orange color by using the blue color bar they're now using everywhere". It was almost one week I see this version.

The first think I liked: the ability to hide the sidebar to show only the map. We got almost the same feature for the street view by putting it in fullscreen.

Then, the tab map, Businesses and directions are gone. To do that you just have to type the 2 addresses separate by 'to'. I like it, we don't have to click by writing directly what we need. I think you can already do that in the current version.

The access to the saved map is now done by click on the little arrow right aside the search field.

Overall there isn't too much changes on this new version regarding the new features.

I finally finished by answering to the survey to give my feedback. Notice here that the company who developped it is Confirmit. Weird, Google doesn't have the technical means to do this thing? (The survey is still hosted in the Google server)

Now, the screenshots (NB: I'm using a wildscreen) :

Google Map Beta Google Map Beta Google Map Beta Google Map Beta Google Map Beta Google Map Beta Google Map Beta Google Map Beta Survey Google Map Beta Survey

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