It was long time since I didn't make a post like this one. And it's also the first one in English. Basically, I just put some info and links without any orders. So it's possible that some of theme are old...

  • Android grows up pretty well. We can except the first real phone soon
  • Facebook Connect will allow to add a social dimension to your website
  • Firefox came out in version 3 RC1. The RC2 should come soon. If everything goes good, the finale version should come by the end of June
  • Google changed his favicon. Do you like it? I do
  • jQuery released 3 minor versions in a few time (1.2.6 at this time). They're working in the version 2 which is coming soon; a new version of the website will be done, a new logo and maybe the first final release of jQuery UI
  • TinyMCE did the same, to fix many bugs. Right now it's the version 3.0.8

And some personal news, no reasons:

  • The Lakers won yesterday the West Conference, it's official. First of the season, First of the playoffs, and the MVP for Kobe Bryant. They only have to win against the Celtics from Boston and they'll get everything this year
  • My internship by Fluidesign ends in more than 1 month
  • NyroModal was downloaded more than 2'000 times, the homepage was saw by more than 20'000 uniq visitors! A post is in preparation about that
  • After some problems in the server of Amenothès, I decided to but my own dedicated server when I'll come back in France. If somebody has some good URLs or infos about the installation or configuration of Postfix, SpamAssassin, ClamAV or anything else which could be useful, don't hesitate to write a comment! I'll take a debian to play as I want with it

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