As my brother came with a friend for a 2 weeks road trip around California and neighborhood states, I traveled with them for 4 days. 4 days to run on sunny roads, between deserts and mountains. 4 days, 4 posts.

Wake up at 5am to fill up the icebox, load the car and go out LA, direction East and the Grand Canyon.

After a small navigation error due to the freeway change around downtown, all the road went well. Using the GPS lent by my roommate, by map, by an iPod and its iTrip to listen directly through the radio, we're going to go to the adventure.

Adventure is maybe exaggerate for this first day which will be mostly 8 road hours.

Quick breakfast break at 8:40 in a small freeway stop area to load the gas and readjust the tires pressure. The travel start well, the sky doesn't have any cloud.

After some jam slices of bread et orange juice, driver switch and the miles start again to run in the middle of the desert. Around 12:30, 2nd break for tshe lunch. The picnic  remind me France -yes, who else than French picnic in USA?

Travel trough glasses old car Harley Tourist mode

Around 2:30pm (the road spent very fast), we're at the Grand Canyon entrance. Stop at the Visitor Center to purchase the pass all the US national parc for $80 ($25 for one parc, 4 or 5 parcs will accept this pass). First meet with tourist, the real one, traveling in buses and follow the others.

Entry in the parc to reach the hostel. The road go along the Grand Canyon. the road side are full; don't forget that we're a Saturday afternoon with a great sun. The temptation is too big, we're stopping along the road to take a look.

And here it's happen. A big claque. It's big. Huuuuge. Impossible to describe the first sensation when facing this immensity. We're staying a few minutes looking far away to the other side, which is around 10 miles awaya, to the best of my recollection. Back to the car to go to the hostel and breathe a quick time.

Once we're in the room, well surprise. For a few little more than $30 / personn with 2 beds, the bedroom is roomy and the bathroom clean. We can't ask more. Later we'll learn that all hostels inside the parc are managed by the same organization, which simplify a lot the reservations. Actually he price depends of the view you have. for whom is interssted, go to Grand Canyon Lodges. We was in the Maswik Lodge.

Each one rest by watching the TV, reading the documentions about the Grand Canyon we've got at the Visitor Center. All along the canyon there is free buses which let you move around all the points of view. All the West part is totally blocked to the public vehicules; only the shuttle can ride it. Moreover a big part of this road was cut to everybody because of road work. Too bad, we won't see everything...

After speeking together, we're going to take the bus to see the point of view of the West part with the bus. We're walking between different points to finish at the sunset in the last point. One bus comes every 10/15 minutes, fully sufficient. The sky went a little bit cloudy, which will make the sunset not too great than expected. But the photos takes before are attractive:

Grand Canyon Grand Canyon Grand Canyon Tree over the Grand Canyon Damien walking over the Grand Canyon Tree over the Grand Canyon Kids Photoshoot over the Grand Canyon Tree over the Grand Canyon Grand Canyon Grand Canyon trough glasses Climbing the Grand Canyon Over the Grand Canyon Grand Canyon Panorama

No problems, we'll wake up at 5 tomorrow to profit from the sunrise.over the Grand Canyon, in a point of view where it should be nice.

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