2 weeks since my last English post, 1 month before my real new post (the last was only translation of older posts). During this time I was busy to translate these posts, busy at work in Fluidesign, busy to live in LA.

During the last days, I developed my first own jQuery plugin: nyroModal.


Why a new plugin of this kind when there is already too many?

4 answers:

  • There is no too much using jQuery, most of them use Prototype/Scriptaculous
  • Most of them aren't too customizable as expected
  • When you find a bug, it's difficult to contact the developer -who often ask some Paypal donations- or understand the code to fix it
  • Because it's still pleasant for his ego to realize the things by himself

My plugin provides all the features I saw in the differents plugins I tried. In bulk:

  • Ajax Request
  • Display an hidden DOM element
  • Image
  • Gallery
  • Form
  • Iframe

But I also added some stuff I don't believe see elsewhere, or not enough:

  • You can target the content inside an Ajax request or a form
  • Forms works with a file upload
  • Background color is modifiable dynamically
  • Display an error message if needed
  • Ability to resize from an Ajax Request

Moreover I took care about the ability to customize the modal, to allow everybody to change the way the elements are animated. There is alos many possible callbacks to done every JavaScript action tou need. Thus every animation function could be fully rewritten and everything is documented: all available settings and the full modal process to allow each developer to understand how it works et to do what ever he want. I probably create more callback than necessary but better more than not enough!

And yes, it's already the 1.1 version because I showed it to my Fluidesign colleagues and all told me the transition -especially for the gallery- didn't look so good. So I created 2 new animations callback the same evening to get round of that.

If you have any suggestions, bug, improvement idea or if you use it, don't hesitate to let a comment. I'll be glad to answer it.

PS : I know, I didn't search too far for the name...

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