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Le méchant Lipdub

To do a nice lipdub :

  • Take 300 people whom are most student at the IUT of Belfort-Montbéliard
  • A track which is 100% student : Monsieur Connard from Tock'art
  • Only one repetition morning
  • One shooting afternoon with some technical trouble with CD player

Le méchant Lipdub

Pour faire un bon lipdub :

  • Prenez 300 personnes dont la majorité des étudiants de l'IUT de Belfort-Montbéliard
  • Une chanson 100% étudiante : Monsieur Connard des Tock'art
  • Une matinée seulement de répet
  • Une après-midi de tournage avec quelques problèmes techniques de lecteur CD

Chips, Twix, and Mix

And probably many more and more...

Chips, Twix et Mix

Et sans doute encore bien d'autres...

nyroModal cooked by Boulanger

Subliminal Message with auto-satisfaction temper

By surfing in some French online store to find my new laptop, I called at the Boulanger (Baker in English) website.

I clicked on a thumbnail to see the zoom, and I immediately recognize nyroModal. After a quick investigation in the source, it's really the 1.1 version of my plugin which is used here!

What a pleasure for me to see this plugin used in a national online store!

I sent a message to the technical team through their form to ask some questions regarding this choice, and tell them they should update. I didn't get an answer for now. If by chance somebody working on it or in charge of this choice read this, I'll be glad of he could contact me.