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Google Wave Invitations

You may have heard about Google Wave these days. It's THE new communication tool which will try to replace email and instant messaging in the same time in a future not so near for me.

I'll write a post about ir soon to give my opinion and some ideas about the way we could use it.

But here is not the point.

I've got some new invitations this morning for Google Wave.

So, I propose you a thing pretty easy and usual for this kind of thing: A simple comment with a valid email address will let you participate to a lottery to win your Google Wave invitation. There will be 5 invitations to win.

The comment should be sent before Friday, the 13rd 2009.

I'll then edit this post to indicate the winner.

In the mean time, if you want to share your idea about it and what it could become, don't hesitate !

And the winners are:

  • Bastien
  • Jonas
  • Nico
  • aminoux
  • Martin

Invitations Google Wave

Vous avez sûrement entendu parler de Google Wave ces derniers temps. C'est LE nouveau moyen de communication qui tend à remplacer l'email et la messagerie instantanée en même temps dans un futur pas si proche que ça selon moi.

Je rédigerai un billet dessus bientôt pour donner mon avis et quelques idées d'utilisation de ce tout nouvel outil.

Mais la question n'est pas là.

J'ai depuis ce matin des nouvelles invitations pour Google Wave.

Alors donc, je vous propose un truc tout simple et courant pour ce genre de choses : Un simple commentaire avec une adresse email valide vous permettra de participer à un tirage au sort pour gagner votre invitation Google Wave. Il y aura 5 invitations à gagner.

Le commentaire devra être envoyée avant le vendredi 13 novembre 2009.

J'éditerai ensuite l'article pour indiquer les gagnants.

Et si dans le même temps, vous voulez donner votre avis sur ce que pourra devenir Google Wave, n'hésitez pas !

Et les gagnants sont :

  • ludwig_pop
  • Richard S
  • thomas desfossez
  • Ghislain
  • 2escape

NyroBlog viewed by Wordle

Did you already ask yourself how could look all the text from your blog or your website in a tag cloud?

Wordle gives you its own version, editable, customizable or simply randomly:
NyroBlog view by Wordle

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NyroBlog vu par Worlde

Vous vous êtes toujours demander comment le texte de votre blog ou de vos pages internet ressortirait en un nuage de mot, plus souvent nommé tag cloud ?

Wordle vous donne sa version, modifiable, paramétrable ou bien simplement aléatoirement :
NyroBlog vu par Wordle

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Google Map Beta Preview

For some reason, I have access to the google map beta version at maps.google.com.

The first , I just thought: "Well, that's cool, they refreshed a little bit google map by removing the ugly orange color by using the blue color bar they're now using everywhere". It was almost one week I see this version.

The first think I liked: the ability to hide the sidebar to show only the map. We got almost the same feature for the street view by putting it in fullscreen.

Then, the tab map, Businesses and directions are gone. To do that you just have to type the 2 addresses separate by 'to'. I like it, we don't have to click by writing directly what we need. I think you can already do that in the current version.

The access to the saved map is now done by click on the little arrow right aside the search field.

Overall there isn't too much changes on this new version regarding the new features.

I finally finished by answering to the survey to give my feedback. Notice here that the company who developped it is Confirmit. Weird, Google doesn't have the technical means to do this thing? (The survey is still hosted in the Google server)

Now, the screenshots (NB: I'm using a wildscreen) :

Google Map Beta Google Map Beta Google Map Beta Google Map Beta Google Map Beta Google Map Beta Google Map Beta Google Map Beta Survey Google Map Beta Survey

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