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nyroModal cooked by Boulanger

Subliminal Message with auto-satisfaction temper

By surfing in some French online store to find my new laptop, I called at the Boulanger (Baker in English) website.

I clicked on a thumbnail to see the zoom, and I immediately recognize nyroModal. After a quick investigation in the source, it's really the 1.1 version of my plugin which is used here!

What a pleasure for me to see this plugin used in a national online store!

I sent a message to the technical team through their form to ask some questions regarding this choice, and tell them they should update. I didn't get an answer for now. If by chance somebody working on it or in charge of this choice read this, I'll be glad of he could contact me.

nyroModal cuisiné par Boulanger

Message subliminal à caractère d'auto-satisfaction

En parcourant les sites de vente en ligne à la recherche d'un nouvel ordinateur portable, j'ai fait escale sur le site de Boulanger.

En cliquant sur la vignette pour voir la photo en grand, j'ai tout de suite reconnu nyroModal. Après une petite vérification dans les sources, il s'agit bien de la version 1.1 de mon plugin qui est utilisé  !

Grand plaisir pour moi que le voir ce plugin utilisé sur un site de vente en ligne national !

J'ai contacter l'équipe technique du site via leur formulaire pour leur poser 2/3 questions quant à ce choix, et leur indiquer qu'il devrait mettre à jour, mais pas encore eu de réponse à ce jour. Si par hasard une personne travaillant dessus ou responsable de ce choix passe par ici, je serai ravi qu'il me contacte.

Internship Finished

That's it, my internship is over since last Friday.

Almost one year by Fluidesign to program, develop, integrate, learn.

I really progressed in JavaScript and Ajax Ajax with jQuery that I can't leave anymore. I also learnt many about HTML/CSS integration, thanks to PJ to whom I always asked his mind.

Anyway, it was one year of happiness with fabulous people. The last weeks looked like holidays for everybody (too bad, they're going to work on Monday...).

To not forget all the website I worked in, here is an alphabetical listing of them with a tweak description of what I've done.

You could think it's not a lot for one year. But as I said, It's Hospilaty took me a lot of time because it's really huge.

One more time, I'd like to thanks all the Fluidesign team who was really great during all my internship.

Now I still have 3 weeks in USA. A friend is coming on Monday and we'll travel for a roadtrip which will unforgettable. (Yes you probably got it, you'll probably have more posts with a lot of text and photos...)

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Stage terminé

Voilà, mon stage s'est terminé vendredi dernier.

Presqu'un an au total passé chez Fluidesign à programmer, développer, intégrer, apprendre.

J'ai beaucoup progresser en JavaScript et Ajax avec jQuery que je ne peux plus quitter. J'ai aussi beaucoup appris en intégration HTML/CSS grâce à PJ à qui je demandais toujours son avis.

Bref, un an de bonheur avec des gens fabuleux. Les dernières semaines avait un petit air de vacances pour tout le monde (je plains ceux qui reprennent le boulot lundi).

Pour ne pas oublier tous les sites sur lesquels j'ai travaillé, je vais les lister ici (par ordre alphabétique) avec une description de ce que j'ai fait dessus.

Alors oui, on peut se dire que ce n'est pas beaucoup pour un an de travail. Mais comme je l'ai dit, It's Hospilaty m'a pris énormément de temps car il est absolument immense.

Encore une fois, je profite de ce message pour remercier toute l'équipe de Fluidesign qui a été plus que géniale durant mon stage.

Maintenant, il me reste 3 semaines aux USA. Un ami arrive lundi et à nous l'aventure, pour un roadtrip qui s'annonce inoubliable. (oui, vous l'aurez compris, vous aurez surement encore des postes avec plein de textes et plein de photos...)

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Chips, Twix, and Mix

  • jQuery UI came out in final version and with it, we've got also the ThemeRoller which allow you to create and preview your own theme dymacally online. All the demo aren't yet available, but you can already have a preview of the animations here. My preferred is explode in 36 pieces
  • TinyMCE cam out in version 3.1.0 today. Many bugs fixed.
  • Symfony came out in version 1.1 RC2. Then some posts followed in their blog (and I'm sure others are on their way) regarding the new functionalities of this version
  • phpMyAdmin came out in version 2.11-7-rc1
  • MySQL wrote a post about Falcon (the next engine of MySQL 6) and its particularities by principally comparing to InnoDB. A quick look on this post could be a great idea
  • the iPhone came out in version 2. Wow, it's now coming with 3G, what a new thing! (I have a 2 year old phone which do it...) I personally wait for the first Android which could came at the beginning of the first quarter
  • Google Translate was refreshed last week. Note the new option to choose the origin language: "Detect automatic". I also like the new functionalities like the dictionary and the translated search!
  • All the session of the last Google IO are available here. Take a time to saw some of them ;)

Oh, I almost forgot. Today Firefox 3 came out and a world record is on the road! Go download it!

You can follow the number in real time (wait a little bit before the numbers start to animate) More than 4 millions and an half at this time!

Regarding the sport, today wasn't very cheerful (at least, from my point of view):

  • The French was miserably eliminated in the Euro. Goodbye Domenech.
  • The Lakers failed at the 6th game by loosing with 40 points! A sieve instead of defense and so many shoots missed. The Celtics played very well and was really the best. Kobe said: "The second place is the first place of the loosers..."

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