For a tooltip script quickly developed for a big current project I'm working on, I'm using the position plugin of jQuery UI.

This function allow you to positionnate an element exactly how you need relative to another element. The ultimate function when dealing with tooltip.

This plugin comes with a detection collision with the windows. In other words, if the positionnate element goes outside the window, then it's positionnate on the other side.

The only problem is that there is no possibility to detect when this collision is happening.

By reading the code I found a simple solution to detect it and a way to add a class to the positionnating element. In my case it is useful in order to change the arrow of the tooltip on the other side.


Here is the code:

var currentlyPositionning,
$.ui.position.custom = {
    left: function(position, data) {
        initPos = position.left;
        $.ui.position.flip.left(position, data);
        if (initPos != position.left) {
    top: function(position, data) {
        initPos =;
        $, data);
        if (initPos != {

Actually we're simply adding a custom option to the plugin. For each top ou left properties, the code is checking if the value is changed by the original collision detection function. If it's the case, then we're adding a class to the element.

You probably notice the currentlyPositionning variable; It should correspond to the element that is currently positionned. Indeed there is no information on the data object to let us find it back.


Finally, to use this new functionnality you should call the position function as following::

currentlyPositionning = elem;
    of: me,
    my: 'left bottom',
    at: 'right top',
    offset: '15px',
    collision: 'custom'

Et voilà.

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