Last post: october 2010. (and maybe earlier in English...)

This has to stop! nyroBlog come back in a new version, "powered by nyroFwk".

Presentation stays the same but it should be faster.


New features in this version:

  • Server-side optimisations to cache MySQL and views (nyroFwk native)
  • Client-side optimisations (YSlow and PageSpeed) (natif nyroFwk)
  • Spam control with Akismet (usage of a native nyroFwk class)
  • Indexing of posts with Zend_Search_Lucene (might be included soon in nyroFwk)

New it's up to me to write new posts about PHP, frameworks, JavaScript, jQuery, and so one...


If you see anything wrong or some bugs in this new version, don't hesitate to tell me!