You may have heard about Google Wave these days. It's THE new communication tool which will try to replace email and instant messaging in the same time in a future not so near for me.

I'll write a post about ir soon to give my opinion and some ideas about the way we could use it.

But here is not the point.

I've got some new invitations this morning for Google Wave.

So, I propose you a thing pretty easy and usual for this kind of thing: A simple comment with a valid email address will let you participate to a lottery to win your Google Wave invitation. There will be 5 invitations to win.

The comment should be sent before Friday, the 13rd 2009.

I'll then edit this post to indicate the winner.

In the mean time, if you want to share your idea about it and what it could become, don't hesitate !

And the winners are:

  • Bastien
  • Jonas
  • Nico
  • aminoux
  • Martin