I was a long time since this one was on the boxes, it finally cames out: the new version of my website is online!

Aymeric aka Miho designed it; I think it's very clear and let a good place for the content with a great readability.

I developed it using my own framework which optimizes every to the server by compressing every HTML pages. It also merges and compresses CSS and JavaScript after removing all the comments and useless whitespaces. With that my website gains a A-grade with YSlow - only one F for not using CDN and one B for contents without cookies.

I also enjoyed make it accessible without reloading the page using AJAX and jQuery. I used jQuery address which works perferctly. And nyroModal is also in the party to show the references. Of course all pages are accessible without JavaScript for a better ranking.

In the same time I left phpMyVisites to use Google Analytics, using the manual tracker for Ajax pages.

Finally, I want to thnaks the following personns:

  • Miho for the design
  • My mother for the French corrections
  • Chonchon for the English corrections
  • Florian for the new logo

To celebrate this, I created a facebook group and I'm twitting again more often. Don't hesitate to join the group or follow me!

If you have any remarks, suggestions or anything else to say about the new wbesite, the comments are here for you!