As my brother came with a friend for a 2 weeks road trip around California and neighborhood states, I traveled with them for 4 days. 4 days to run on sunny roads, between deserts and mountains. 4 days, 4 posts.

Last day on the roads for me. Wake up smoothly at 8am to go soflty in Bryce Canyon Park and stop at many points of view. We're going to the last points, the higher which is far away. I didn't think the park was too big. In the road we're seeing many Mules deer. Once we're at the last point, we're eat breakfast with a gorgeous view. It's a little bit cold; we're at almost 8'000 feet. Then we're going back in the way by stopping in other points. We saw again some squirrels. There isn't too much to tell here. It's a beautiful park and all the points of view are different; each one offers a new view and a new particularity.

Mule Deer in Bryce Canyon Breakfast at Bryce Canyon View at Bryce Canyon Squirrel in Bryce Canyon Squirrel in Bryce Canyon Hoodoo in Bryce Canyon Hoodoo in Bryce Canyon View at Bryce Canyon View at Bryce Canyon View at Bryce Canyon

What a view! The vivid orange colors or gold form the Hoodoos -the verticals rocks- and the sun which enlightens everything in a magnificent contrast: orange from hoodoos, gold from rocks, green from trees, blue from the sky. I loved it. Amazed. I shoot many and many photos. As we planned last day, we're goind to the Sunset point to hike for 1 hour inside the canyon to see it in another way.

The way we're using is very abrupt, and go down in hair-pin curve in the gorge which going more and more narrow. The more we're goind down, the cooler. It's pleasant. It's weird to see some bigs trees are here in the middle of the gorge. Then we're leaving the gorge to arrive in larger place above trees and hoodos. The way going down slowly now. Once we're arrive at the bottom, we're using an other way to come back which is less abrupt. Here are the photos from the "l'expédition" inside the canyon:

Inside Bryce Canyon Inside Bryce Canyon Inside Bryce Canyon Inside Bryce Canyon Inside Bryce Canyon Inside Bryce Canyon Inside Bryce Canyon Inside Bryce Canyon Inside Bryce Canyon View at Bryce Canyon View at Bryce Canyon View at Bryce Canyon View at Bryce Canyon

It's almost 10 when we're finishing the walk. It's time for us to say goodbye to Bryce Canyon to reach Zion Park. After 2 hours of road, we're in. One more time it's a decor change. Here the greenery and coolness of the park are soothing. The park is a large gorge with a small river in its middle with a huge biodiversity around. the place is nice. Sadly We can't spent more than 2 hours here.

We arrived in the park by the top which is less green and cute. The more we're going down, the more desert atmosphere disappears to let place to the dense forest. As the interior of the park is closed for personal vehicles, some free buses could drive you from bottom to top to stop at points where you can start to walk or enjoy the canyon. We walked only 10 minutes to reach a small cascade. Then we took again the bus to go to the last point and eat our sandwiches aside the river around 1pm. On the big cliff which partitions the park some sportsman climbs in the middle of huge part very smooth. After some walking minutes we have to go back to be sure I can get my plain in time in Las Vegas this evening.

Zion Park Entrance Top of Zion Park Top of Zion Park Zion Park Zion Park Waterfall at Zion Park Walk in Zion Park River in Zion Park Climbers in Zion Park Zion Park Zion Park River in Zion Park

We're back in the parking. I prepare quickly my bag for the plane. Let's go to Las Vegas to take my flight.

I saw only the building and some casino exterior eccentricity in Las Vegas on the Strip. I didn't have time to gamble -maybe it's better. Las Vegas is really lost in the middle of the desert; there is absolutely nothing around the city. Photos took from the car:

At Las Vegas Trump Tower in Las Vegas Palazzo in Las Vegas Bellagio in Las Vegas Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas Arc de Triomphe in Las Vegas Paris in Las Vegas Casino in Las Vegas At Las Vegas At Las Vegas Statue of the Liberty in Las Vegas Pyramid in Las Vegas

After this short pass aside the casino, time for me to go to the airport. My SouthWest flight take off in time and I'm back at Los Angeles. Damien and François continue the road trip to San Francisco by stopping in more other parks. They will come back in LA one week later.

I keep many memories in my head. I'll probably make a new roadtrip in July to go to the park I couldn't go this time. and maybe come back in San Francisco without rain...

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